Argentina World Cup player, Maradona idol Bočina accepted his teammate Valdano interview. In terms Bočina, Messi Barcelona performance than the team is better, because Messi in Barcelona to get more help from teammates and coaches, but Messi is the lack of support in Argentina. Goods during the promotion, now orders to buy football jerseys for kids , have a chance to get a variety of small gifts.

"For Messi, he did not get help in some way, such as the national team," said Bočina, the program hosted by Valdano. "Messi is ahead waiting for the ball, but no one else to help him open it. Buy Children's jersey Messi , cheering for Barcelona, cheering for Messi.

Renovation Messi is Barcelona's top priority, but negotiations between the two sides have not been significant progress. A few weeks ago, Messi's father, Jorge came to Barcelona, ​​and met with the senior management team, but the two sides failed to make an effective conclusion, Jorge immediately flew back to Argentina.

However, according to "Aspen newspaper" revealed that Messi's renewal ushered in a new opportunity. "Aspen newspaper" Barcelona within a reliable news, in the next few weeks, Messi's father Jorge will come again to Barcelona, ​​and I hope to be able to reach an agreement with the club. "Now we can see some hope.To know that in December last year, not everything is clear.

In Messi's party pays "Aspen newspaper" revealed that this Argentin still want to get the 30 million to 40 million annual salary, which is due to the increasing success of the previous Barcelona Suarez and Neymar is due. "Aspen newspaper," said that in order to gain enough salary Messi, Barcelona will have to adapt to the existing line. There are varieties of Children's jersey Messi on our website for this moment, hurry to buy.

Renovation Messi is Barcelona's immediate priority

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